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Quotes for David

"The genuine coherence of our ideas does not come from the reasoning that ties them together, but from the spiritual impulse that gives rise to them."

- Nicolás Gómez Dávila.

 "All significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts not only because of their historical development – in which they were transferred from theology to the theory of the state, whereby, for example, the omnipotent God became the omnipotent lawgiver."

- Carl Schmitt.

"People ultimately become the image of their values. Discover their ruling values, and their future is foretold."

- Anthony M. Ludovici.

"A transitional state then arises, through which the contemporary history of our world is passing. This transitional period betrays the fact the return of the former world is still hoped for, indeed still pursued, even though the presence of a new world of values has been detected and - albeit unwillingly - already acknowledged. This intermediate state, in which the historical peoples of the world must decide on their destruction or a new beginning, will last as long as the illusion persists that the historic future is still to be rescued from catastrophe by means of a compromise that will mediate between the old and new values."

- Martin Heidegger.

"The majority of the people in this world are ataxic; they cannot coordinate their mental muscles to make a purposed movement. They have no real will, only a set of wishes, many of which contradict others. The victim wobbles from one to the other (and it is no less wobbling because the movements may occasionally be very violent) and at the end of life the movements cancel each other out. Nothing has been achieved; except the one thing of which the victim is not conscious: the destruction of his own character, the confirming of indecision. Such an one is torn limb from limb by Choronzon."

- Aleister Crowley.

"Whoever sets up a value, takes a position against a disvalue by that very action. The boundless tolerance and the neutrality of standpoints and viewpoints turn themselves very quickly into their opposite, into enmity, as soon as enforcement is carried out in earnest."

- Carl Schmitt.

"Not only does conflict give rise to the essential; it preserves the essential in its permanence."

- Martin Heidegger.

"The aggressiveness is the logical consequence of the thetic and subjective essence of values and it renews itself continuously through their practical enactment."

- Carl Schmitt

"With that he disappears, and the Æthyr splits with a roar as of ten thousand thunders. And behold, The Arrow! The plumes of Maat are its crown, set about the disk. It is the Ateph crown of Thoth, and there is the shaft of burning light, and beneath there is a silver wedge.

"I shudder and tremble at the vision, for all about it are whorls and torrents of tempestuous fire. The stars of heaven are caught in the ashes of the flame. And they are all dark. That which was a blazing sun is like a speck of ash. And in the midst the Arrow burns!"

- Aleister Crowley.

"Because of the ambivalence of values, that aggressiveness will not cease to renew its virulence, whenever values as such are brought by actual people to bear upon other people as real as they."

- Carl Schmitt

 "Heraclitus says (Fragment 53): 'Conflict is for all (that is present) the creator that causes to emerge, but (also) for all the dominant preserver. For it makes some to appear as gods, others as men; it creates (shows) some as slaves, others as freemen.'

"The polemos named here is a conflict that prevailed prior to everything divine and human, not a war in the human sense. This conflict, as Heraclitus thought it, first caused the realm of being to separate into opposites; it first gave rise to position and order of rank. In such separation cleavages, intervals, distances, and joints opened. In the conflict <Aus-einandersetzung, setting-apart> a world comes into being. (Conflict does not split, much less destroy unity. It constitutes unity, it is a binding-together, logos. Polemos and logos are the same.)"

- Martin Heidegger.

"Devotion projects the fine body, which is seized and vampirized by the demon masquerading as "Christ" or "Mary", or whoever may be the object of worship. Complete absence of all power to concentrate thought, to follow an argument, to formulate a Will, to hold fast to an opinion or a course of action, or even to keep a solemn oath, mark indelibly those who have thus lost parts of their souls. They wander from one new cult to another even crazier."

- Aleister Crowley.
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